People use and abuse drugs for many reasons. One reason is that they’re unable to meet the basic social need to connect with others. Thankfully, reality therapy programs can train them to connect with loved ones. For this reason, reality therapy has become popular during rehab at a substance abuse treatment center in Asheville, NC.

What Are Reality Therapy Programs?therapist comforts female patient in reality therapy programs

Before people seek a reality therapy program Asheville, NC has, they should know what it is. Most therapists describe reality therapy as a client-centered form of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). The idea behind it is to focus on present circumstances and relationships. From there, people learn how to avoid discussions of past events so that they can move forward.

The basis of reality therapy programs is around the idea that love is a fundamental need. People need to feel like they belong and form connections with others, including family members and friends.

During reality therapy programs, people learn that they can’t always control how they feel. However, they can control how they behave and what they think about their feelings. In short, reality therapy teaches them how to make better choices in order to improve their quality of their life.

Can Reality Therapy Help People With Addiction?

Finding a reality therapy program Asheville, NC has is a great idea for people who struggle with addiction. The reason is that the need to belong can be a root cause of addiction in many individuals. They have to learn how to curb their behaviors and control their emotions. These are two areas in which reality therapy can help them with addiction.

During reality therapy, people learn how to find motivation within themselves. It can help them focus on their goals and reach achievements. Finding motivation and reaching milestones both play an essential role in overcoming addiction.

Also, reality therapy programs help people form meaningful relationships with friends and family members. These relationships act as support throughout their recovery.

What Should People Expect From Reality Therapy?

In reality therapy, people should expect to talk about their current behavioral problems. It’s important that they acknowledge these issues. By doing so, they can work on moving past them.

Also during reality therapy, people learn how to solve their problems. It might involve taking a look into how stronger relationships can improve behavioral issues. During this time, they learn how to reconnect with both family and friends. Reopening these lines of communication can be helpful in rehab.

Lastly, people learn how to set goals for themselves. These include goals that they want to achieve during and after rehab for women. In order to reach these goals, they can’t let past problems negatively impact their behavior.

The Willows Takes Reality Therapy to the Next Level

Are you looking for a substance abuse treatment center Asheville, NC has and that offers reality therapy? If so, reach out to us at The Willows. We’re a women-only rehab center that offers substance abuse treatment for a variety of drugs. Our goal is to create custom treatment plans that put your needs first.

Of course, more goes into overcoming addiction than just reality therapy. For that reason, The Willows is proud to offer a range of therapies alongside reality therapy programs. A few of the services that we offer include:

Don’t let a lack of forming meaningful bonds keep you from overcoming addiction. Find reality therapy programs in North Carolina that work. Learn how we can help you when you contact The Willows at 855.773.0614.