individuals taking part in a womens residential treatment centerConsidering getting help for your drug or alcohol abuse is an incredibly courageous step in the right direction. Many people who struggle with severe substance abuse never even realize they have a problem or refuse to admit it. Addiction is a very treatable disease, and getting the help that you need often begins by going to residential treatment. Sometimes, people are reluctant to go to a residential program, but it’s the best way to start your recovery journey.

Why Residential Treatment and Not Outpatient

Often, people considering going to treatment don’t think they need to go to a womens residential treatment center. They’d much rather do an outpatient program because they can live at home while going to treatment. While outpatient is a beneficial level of care, it’s for specific people, and often after residential. People who go to outpatient treatment too soon are at high risk of relapse for a variety of reasons.

First, it’s important to take a look at your problem and be honest about your history with drugs and alcohol. Most people with a substance abuse problem have said many times that they wouldn’t drink or use that day, but they did. A residential program helps to keep you safe from your cravings as well as your impulsive decisions to use. Residential is also often necessary because your living situations are more likely fueling your issue as well.

Focusing on Yourself in a Womens Residential Treatment Center

One of the main reasons people have such a difficult time getting clean and staying clean is because they can’t focus on themselves. Depending on your situation, your responsibilities can range anywhere from working and paying bills, to caring for your children. To overcome your dependence on drugs or alcohol, you must take some time to focus on yourself. If you want to continue to provide for yourself as well as those you love, you must make time to recover.

Clinical rehabilitation in a residential setting offers you the ability to have an opportunity to understand the sources of your habit. In therapy, you may find that childhood trauma or life circumstances are making you turn to substance use. In many cases, those who come to treatment haven’t had the time to face these issues and work through them. Although residential seems like a significant commitment, it’s a short time in the grand scheme of things to regain control of your life.

Treating Mental Illness in Residential Treatment

A leading cause of substance abuse is mental illness, and often it’s because a diagnosis never occurs. Many people begin experiencing symptoms of mental illness without realizing what’s happening. You may start having confusing and scary thoughts as well as emotions, which lead to self-medicating. Eventually, the drugs or the alcohol only make things worse, which is why dual diagnosis treatment is so beneficial.

The best substance abuse treatment you can receive is when your mental illness and dependence are receiving treatment. This is important because if only one receives treatment, your chances of relapsing are much higher, and there’s a reason. It’s challenging to stay sober if you can’t experience joy, or you’re continuing to experience anxiety. Some of the most common mental illnesses include:

The Willows is a women’s addiction treatment center, and we’re here to help you begin a new life free from substance abuse. Being in an all-female environment will help you receive the support you need from others. This type of support will empower you and give you hope that you can begin living the life you deserve. Some of the other services we offer here include:

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