Unresolved trauma can impact emotional regulation, interpersonal communication, physical health, and even familial relationships. When these issues become too difficult to cope with, many women resort to substance abuse, promiscuous behaviors, or other forms of self-harm. In order to help women move past these issues, The Willows at Red Oak Recovery® offers comprehensive trauma therapy.

The Benefits of Trauma Therapy

At The Willows at Red Oak Recovery®, our multidisciplinary clinical staff employs a wide range of trauma treatment modalities. The goal is to use these approaches to tap into the strength of each woman in order to effectively combat all types of trauma.

A Unique Journey to Recovery

Along with proven trauma therapy, The Willows at Red Oak Recovery® offers other empowering addiction treatment programs to help women re-discover themselves. Our program combines enriching daily activities with extensive clinical, trauma-informed care. These elements give all women the opportunity to identify past pain in their own unique way and learn beneficial skills to move beyond their trauma.

Our women’s only trauma treatment program facility offers:

  • Dual diagnosis treatment that addresses debilitating co-occurring disorders that accompany addiction and trauma
  • Disordered eating treatment that helps women in early recovery establish a healthier relationship with body image and food
  • Family therapy program that aims to rebuild broken relationships and re-establish communication
  • Evidence-based therapy approaches such as CBT, DBT, Motivational Interviewing, and EMDR that seek to transform negative thought patterns and behaviors


The Willows at Red Oak Recovery® is the perfect destination for women trying to become the best versions of themselves. To learn more about our transformative programs, contact The Willows today at (855) 773-0614.