A music therapy program works well in rehab treatment for women, as it provides a different way of communicating. Instead of talking your way through therapy sessions, music provides an outlet for self-expression not relying on words. Because of this different type of communication, you make breakthroughs in your treatment not achieved elsewhere.

Why You Need Music Therapy

woman playing the piano in her music therapy programMusic therapy takes place in rehab on its own or as part of a bigger music and art therapy program. The arts, in general, provide new ways for you to express yourself, deal with your emotions and treat your addiction. But in the world of art and music, music has its own positive qualities. You make a stronger mental connection to music without even realizing it in your conscious mind.

Music directly “speaks” to our feelings and subconscious thoughts. This is the attachment you form with music, like when you feel song lyrics or sounds connect deeply with your personal experience. Music brings up emotions in only minutes that we spend the rest of our days pushing down, deep within ourselves.

In addiction, you improve your ability to hide your feelings. You isolate and stop connecting with other people. This makes opening up in treatment harder, as you gain comfort in holding everything inside. But in music therapy, you more easily express your thoughts and feelings without so much restriction.

This growth through music takes place because you trust and relate to the method more efficiently than standard talk therapy. But you do not receive music or art therapy alone. Instead, these mediums provide another method of connecting in your treatment, for more thorough healing, self-discovery, and recovery.

How Music Works for Better Recovery

Your music therapist customizes a music therapy program to your needs. These sessions usually take place in small groups of your peers in recovery. In many ways, the group members work together. In others, you relate to music and gain benefit from it on your own.

For your music therapy program, you listen to music, create it using instruments, write lyrics, meditate to music or sing, if you choose to do so and feel comfortable.

The overall goal of your music therapy program as part of addiction therapy services is to bring out emotions and thoughts in a new, safe way. Then you deal with these newly uncovered parts of yourself and discuss them. Music often ties us to memories, so during your music sessions, you possibly remember things you long ago forgot.

Regardless of how you and your therapist approach your music therapy program, music enables your own self-expression. You do not need fluency in music composition or instruments. Instead, you enjoy the sounds and rhythms while exploring parts of yourself that deserve a voice.

Music and Art Therapies in North Carolina Rehab

In Fairview, North Carolina, The Willows provides drug and alcohol rehab treatment for women. These addiction treatment services include the use of art and music therapy, along with a wide array of other programs, therapies, services, and support. Programs of The Willows include:

The Willows’ location on an old horse farm provides a freeing, relaxed and peaceful place for you to gain the help you need for addiction, mental health problems, trauma, and eating disorders. This treatment takes place with art and music therapy, expanding your horizons and giving your struggles a voice for recovery. Contact The Willows now at 855-773-0614 to learn more about rehab treatment for women in Fairview, NC.