woman speaking to therapist during a 90 Day Residential Addiction Treatment ProgramFor someone struggling with substance abuse and dependence, a time comes where they decide enough is enough. When an individual makes this decision, they need to determine where to receive treatment. Entering a professional treatment facility will give those struggling a better chance of success versus attempting recovery on their own. A 90 day residential addiction treatment program at a gender-specific facility can make the difference in recovery. Here, individuals can participate in addiction treatment services that will aid them in their journey.

What Is Addiction?

Addiction is a disease in which individuals find themselves reliant on an illicit substance. This fixation involves physical and psychological dependence on a drug such as prescription medication, heroin, or cocaine. When a drug controls an individual’s life, they no longer operate healthily. Instead, they struggle with financial troubles, legal issues, and social isolation. They can even develop unhealthy friendships that fuel addiction.

Why Choose A 90 Day Residential Addiction Treatment Program

In recognizing that addiction adversely impacts the user’s mind and body, people who find themselves grappling with drug dependence are often ready to seek solutions. As many drug addiction experts know, enrolling in a 90-day alcohol rehab program is one of the best ways to make change happen. While there are many programming formats available to women, the 90 day alcohol rehab program can be particularly useful. This is the case because the extended period spent in a stable, secure facility contributes to the formation of healthy habits.

Additionally, the extensive time spent in the rehabilitation facility enables counselors to work directly with the patient in a manner that helps them understand the underlying or root causes for the addiction. Once they have this information, therapists, counselors, and other treatment professionals are better equipped to help their clients.

What To Look For In A 90 Day Residential Addiction Treatment Program

When you start your search for the ideal 90 day residential addiction treatment program, there are several things that you should be looking for. One thing to carefully consider is the qualifications and credentials of the professional team. Ideally, you want to select a facility where the therapists, counselors, and other recovery professionals demonstrate that they possess the extensive education and experience necessary to offer you excellent, expedient care.

In addition to seeking out a 90 day residential addiction treatment program, you should determine whether the recovery facility in question offers comprehensive services. Attaining comprehensive services is imperative because there is a wide range of issues that will need to be addressed and resolved. To ensure that you can have your emotional, physical, psychological, and spiritual needs met, try to enroll in a program that offers all of the following:

Another thing to consider when seeking out the right treatment program is whether the center offers special programming. For example, some people will benefit from enrolling in a rehab for young adults. Others will find success by enrolling in a gender-specific facility.

The Willows at Red Oak Recovery

If you’re serious about putting addiction in your past, you should focus on attaining excellent treatment services now. Looking for a quality 90 day residential addiction treatment program? Look no further than The Willows at Red Oak Recovery. This women’s addiction treatment center is ready to provide clients with customized care that will encourage holistic health. Contact The Willows at Red Oak Recovery now at 855-773-0614 to begin healing.