two young ladies after rehab for young adults Young adults and adolescents face many challenges as they prepare to enter adulthood. One such challenge can be succumbing to peer pressure that increases the risk of substance abuse issues. When these problems do arise, rehab for young adults is an integral part of recovery. The following information addresses some of the reasons that adolescents may begin abusing addictive substances. It will also discuss treatment options that can restore peace to the whole family.

Recognizing the Signs of Dependence

Before we talk more in-depth about treatment options, it’s vital to know the signs of dependence to a harmful substance. In most cases, the earlier you catch these signs, the more successful treatment becomes.

Serious Behavioral Changes

Behavioral changes can be a reliable indicator of a drug or alcohol problem. For some people, this can include lying, risk-taking actions, hiding new friends, or displaying angry outbursts for no apparent reason.

Differences in Physical Appearance

Many people struggling with a reliance on an illicit substance will experience changes in their appearance. These changes could include anything from extreme weight loss to redness of the eyes. Physical changes are often dramatic enough to gain the attention of outsiders.

Financial Problems

Drugs and alcohol can become an expensive habit to keep up with. Young adults may begin spending what they do not have. They also may steal money from loved ones or their source of employment.

A Difficulty with Responsibilities

When adolescents face struggles with substance abuse, they may fail to balance essential duties. As a result, their grades may begin to suffer. If they are employed, they may show up late for work or get into trouble on the job.

Challenges Adolescents Face in Seeking Treatment

Young people face a lot of challenges on the road to recovery. To add to the complexity of the problem, many young people struggling with dependence end up with a dual-diagnosis that includes mental illness. As a result, rehab for young adults must be diverse enough to handle all these challenges.

Options in Rehab for Young Adults

Rehab for young adults usually includes a wide variety of different treatment approaches. This is due to the need to customize the treatment plan to fit each person’s lifestyle, goals, strengths, and weaknesses. The following elements remain critical factors in many recovery plans:

  • Group therapy- Teens and young adults crave social interaction and relationships with others. As a result, group therapy can be beneficial. Since it is performed in a large group of peers around the same age, young adults often feel a sense of camaraderie surrounding the healing process.
  • Community support meetings- Many support groups and meetings are held throughout most communities to provide continual support for those facing issues with dependence. These groups and meetings can provide powerful sources of encouragement, education, and relapse prevention tools.
  • Family therapy– Since most teens still live at home, their parents and siblings are often impacted strongly by their problems. Stress within the household can result in strained relationships from all sides. Family therapy can help resolve communication problems and restore healthy boundaries for all family members.

Choices in Quality Rehabilitation Centers

Selecting the right rehab for young adults can give you the tools you need to keep your family on the right path. If a young adult is dealing with additional mental health challenges, it’s vital to select a facility skilled in dual diagnosis treatment.

The Willows is a rehab center set up to handle the challenges women face in the recovery process. The safety of the all-female setting can make each feel at ease.

Don’t let substance abuse continue to control your happiness. The right rehab for young adults can help you. Call 855-773-0614 to find out how The Willows at Red Oak Recovery can help you through our addiction treatment services.