two young ladies after a rehab for womenBoth men and women can find themselves caught up in the complex issues surrounding substance abuse and dependency. However, there are often significant differences in how each gender develops the problems and responds to treatment options. When considering rehab for women, it can be helpful to know more about these differences. Is rehab for women in a gender-specific environment necessary?

Why Do Women Develop Substance Abuse Issues?

Women often begin to abuse addictive substances for different reasons than men. For example, women are statistically more likely to be victims of domestic abuse, sexual abuse, or other types of trauma. These events can sometimes result in the use of addictive substances as a coping technique. Women may also develop a severe dependence much faster than men due to differences in the way their bodies break down these substances.

How do Women Respond to the Need for Treatment?

Women often carry a large load of responsibilities in the home and community. They may work full-time while caring for the needs of the home and minor children. As a result of their many duties, they may try to remain strong and resist the need for treatment. Once treatment has begun, they may also respond to the treatment plan in different ways than their male counterparts. However, a successful recovery is possible with professional help.

Is a Gender-Specific Treatment Center Helpful?

Some women may resist treatment at first due to fear of opening up to members of the opposite sex. This reluctance is especially true of women who have endured abuse or domestic violence. A rehab for women that offers a gender-specific setting may allow these individuals to feel safe in their treatment choices. This setting could let them open themselves up more readily to the benefits that professional treatment has to offer.

How Can I Show My Loved One I Care?

Seeing your loved one suffer adverse effects of substance abuse is hard on the entire family. Addiction treatment can provide relief for everyone involved in the situation. As you begin to look for a rehab center that meets your needs, let your loved one know you want the best for her. Although entering a treatment facility can be hard, it shows a courageous dedication to achieving a more satisfying life.

Tips for Locating the Rehab for Women

Are you considering a rehab for women that offers a gender-specific environment? It may be wise to check out several different locations before you make a final decision. Prepare a list of essential questions beforehand so you can be sure to address all of the topics that are most important to your family.

For starters, it can be helpful to ask each treatment center about their programs, their history of success, their protocol for managing aftercare, and the degree to which they promote family involvement. Some people may even choose to travel outside of their immediate area to get treatment at a facility that speaks to them on a personal level.

About The Willows

The Willows is a quality rehab for women that offers a gender-specific setting to alleviate fear and promote comfort. The peaceful setting can allow each person to obtain the level of self-discovery necessary to begin the healing process.

Don’t let substance abuse dash your hopes for a happy future. By seeking professional help from a treatment center that cares about your needs, you can overcome your dependency. Call 855-773-0614 to learn more about how a rehab for women can help you begin your healing journey.