woman enjoying rope course therapyThe Willows, a women’s addiction treatment center in Fairview, NC, offers rope course therapy. This therapy is just one tool among many that lead you into healthy, lasting recovery. As an experiential therapy, a rope course provides a popular activity for real personal growth.

Experiential therapies like rope courses, gardening, hiking, and horseback riding, help you heal and grow in ways talk therapies often cannot. Through the challenges of ropes and teamwork, you learn your own inner strengths and weaknesses. At the same time, you gain the opportunity to overcome past negative beliefs about yourself and others around you.

Like other experiential methods, rope therapy takes you out of a clinical or classroom-style setting. You use firsthand experience, practice and even your own fears to heal and learn.

What Is Rope Course Therapy?

Rope therapy takes place outdoors, getting you out of your rehab building and into nature, fresh air and sunlight. Through this therapy, you face a series of challenges designed using ropes, much like an obstacle course. You must complete the course using teamwork, your individual strengths and by overcoming your fears. Navigating the course also improves your communication skills, listening skills, the trust of others, and courage to finish what you start.

Through the ropes course, you expose yourself to many challenges matching those of recovery. This helps you build coping skills for hard times in sobriety. You build self-confidence and see you can achieve goals when you put your mind to doing so.

The rope course at The Willows uses many safety measures, so no one suffers an injury during the activity. But despite knowing the safety equipment works to “save” you, you still feel stressed, fearful, anxious and challenged. These challenges feel much the same as those you face in everyday life, particularly after dependency.

What Do You Learn from Rope Course Therapy?

Rope course therapy heavily relies on teamwork. This means you experience a lot of interpersonal growth in a short period of time. You rely on others, trust, communicate, use your strengths and contribute to the team effort during the rope activity. You learn about your personal influence on others, while also learning about your fears and overcoming those.

Very quickly in rope therapy you see yourself working past challenges in ways you did not think possible. This builds your self-esteem, self-trust and relationship skills.

Rope courses also help you increase your arsenal of coping skills. You work through your fears, especially if you fear heights. You cheer others on, just as you hope to gain support in the same ways. During the activity, you internalize what you learn, particularly as coping skills for relapse prevention.

Of course, the rope activity is addiction therapy. So the group participates in the activity toward specific goals. At the end of the session, you gather as a group to discuss the events and how you see yourself. This provides real personal growth.

Recovery Is a Journey

Just like rope course therapy, recovery presents a series of life challenges you must overcome to maintain healthy sobriety. But you gain the tools and coping skills to succeed at The Willows in Fairview, NC. The Willows provides treatment for women, including:

  • Residential and long-term programs
  • Aftercare and transitional living
  • Dual diagnosis treatment
  • Individual, group, and family therapy
  • Trauma therapy and experiential therapy
  • Relationship building and services work
  • Acupuncture, meditation, and yoga

You can build a better future in recovery, with help and healing from The Willows in Fairview, NC. Contact The Willows now at 855-773-0614 to learn more about rope course therapy, gardening, horseback riding, and other experiential therapies in North Carolina addiction treatment services.