Gestalt therapy is a psychotherapy technique that focuses on the client. This client-centered approach helps people understand what is going on in their lives within the present moment. Sometimes, the human mind remains mired in past memories and experiences. Instead of allowing these memories to determine their lives, clients can re-enact the past, learn about negative thought patterns and discover how certain behaviors prevent them from becoming happy.

How Gestalt Therapy Works

client and therapist discussing a gestalt therapy program for womenGestalt is a German word that means shape or form. This kind of therapy is all about studying how people perceive the world around them. Originally, Fritz Perls invented gestalt therapy in the 1940s. At the time, it worked to help people become aware of their feelings and how they express them.

When someone starts a gestalt therapy program for women, they can use it for a variety of conditions. Some women use this therapy for treating depression and anxiety. Through the therapy services, individuals realize how things in the present cause their anxiety and depression to appear.

In a womens addiction treatment center, individuals can also work on relationship troubles or insecurities in their relationships. Counselors sometimes recommend gestalt therapy for self-esteem issues, headaches, and certain physical ailments. Often, counselors combine this kind of treatment with programs like art therapy for even better results.

Gestalt and Addiction Therapies

A gestalt therapy program for women is a useful part of the recovery process. It helps clients identify and understand their emotions. More importantly, they learn ways to analyze events so that they do not act because of a misinterpretation.

This is a common part of addiction therapy services in NC because it helps clients experience the world in an unbiased, honest way. It helps them see the way their past experiences are shaping their present feelings.

In gestalt therapy, clients are able to enjoy a safe place where they can express their emotions without having to make any excuses about them. They can also look at bad choices in the past and what caused them to happen.

When someone decides to break away from the cycle of substance abuse, this kind of therapy helps them start their recovery. They are able to rebuild relationships that broke down because of their substance abuse. During each session, the client is able to work on major problems during the dialogue they have with their therapist.

Whether someone has a mental illness or a substance abuse disorder, Gestalt therapy can help. This therapy process focuses on the importance of healthy relationships. Clients work on their relationships because these connections help with their long-term success. They may use techniques like role-playing, dream interpretation, and body language interpretation to change their perceptions and emotions.

Finding the Right Treatment Program

Each person has unique needs. While some people need dual diagnosis treatment for co-occurring disorders, other individuals want to support through psychotherapy or experiential therapy program. No matter what kind of program clients are looking for, help is available. The right treatment program can help clients get help for any substance abuse problems and co-occurring disorders in a safe, supportive environment.

At a rehab center, clients can find support through programs such as:

  • Horseback riding, hiking, gardening, and ropes courses
  • Yoga therapy
  • Meditation therapy
  • Service work
  • Treatment for eating disorders, traumatic experiences, and mental illnesses
  • Acupuncture
  • Relationship building

Living with an addiction can feel like a constant struggle, but no one has to go through recovery alone. At the Willows at Red Oak Recovery, women will find a peaceful environment and a gender-specific program. To learn more about how our treatment options can help with your ongoing recovery, call us today at 855.773.0614.