Overcoming substance abuse and dependency is hard for both men and women. However, both genders struggle, they have different needs when it comes to addiction recovery. The key is that there’s more to treatment than just detox. If people want to avoid relapse after they detox, they must seek professional rehab services.

Why It’s Important to Seek Gender-Specific Addiction Recovery

woman speaking with therapist about addiction recoverySome rehab clinics offer co-ed treatment programs. Unfortunately, these programs do very little to focus on the individual needs that men and women have. In fact, men and women generally have different reasons for using drugs in the first place. To help them overcome drug addiction, it’s necessary to address these underlying problems.

With gender-specific addiction treatment services, a rehab center can focus on these needs. Studies also show that people generally feel more at ease during group therapy when the opposite sex isn’t around. The same-sex sessions make it easier for them to open up and share their true feelings.

What to Look for in Treatment

Aside from gender-specific rehab, people need to know what else to look for in rehab for addiction recovery. Looking for the following key features can make finding a reliable treatment center that much more comfortable.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

It’s rare for people to suffer from only substance abuse. In fact, substance abuse now has the label of substance use disorder. Studies show that after developing a disorder, it’s easier for the brain to develop another. That’s why dependency and other mental disorders such as depression and anxiety go hand in hand.

Dual diagnosis treatment helps people address not only their substance abuse but also any other mental disorders. Failure to treat them typically causes relapse because the co-occurring disorders trigger drug use. Proper addiction recovery services require people to address these underlying concerns.

Coping Skills

Next, the best facilities also help people learn coping skills. These skills can help them during and after rehab. Gender-specific treatment plays a significant role in the coping skills that a rehab center teaches. In general, certain skills work better for women than for men.

The goal of coping skills is to help people deal with triggers and difficult situations during and after rehab. When stress builds up, they typically want to turn to their drugs of choice. Coping skills help them deal with these situations in healthier ways.

Aftercare Program

Remember that treatment doesn’t end with rehab. People have to actively battle this disease their whole lives. That’s why it’s so essential for them to continue getting support after rehab. That’s where aftercare programs come into play.

Aftercare includes programs that people attend after they complete traditional rehab. The type of support that they provide differs depending on the needs of each person. In general, however, they make re-entering society easier.

Let The Willows at Red Oak Recovery Provide Your Treatment

The Willows at Red Oak Recovery is an addiction recovery center for women in North Carolina. We focus on helping women overcome substance abuse safely and positively. Our ultimate goal is to overcome not only this dependency, but also to prevent relapse. As a gender-specific treatment facility, we can focus entirely on the needs of women to accelerate recovery.

At The Willows, we strive to offer a wide range of addiction recovery programs. We create individual treatment plans for each woman. These unique plans include services such as:

Don’t stop with just detox. Get addiction recovery services that you can count on at The Willows at Red Oak Recovery. Reach out to us at 855-773-0614 for more information about how we can help.