Women enjoying their time in a sober living facilityOnce graduating from primary treatment, clients are able to transition to our sober living home located in the Asheville area. Our sober living capacity is intentionally small to provide residents with an intimate and supportive community to find success as they move into returning to work and school within the Asheville community and surrounding areas.

In addition to providing women with a safe and stable environment, The Willows Sober Living encourages independence for young women in recovery. It is their vision to establish accountability for personal recovery and inspire those embarking in the transition towards independent living to be a testament that recovery is possible.

Each resident is expected and required to follow these guidelines:

  • One weekly house meeting is required to discuss community morale, individual recovery/goals, and any struggles or issues that need to be addressed. The time of these meetings may fluctuate among residents’ schedules and capacities.
  • Keep living areas clean and organized. Demonstrate consideration towards one’s own space as well as fellow residents.
  • Thoroughly complete weekly chores that are assigned in a timely manner.
  • Implement at least one activity and/or program that is geared towards one’s own recovery plan (attending 12-step meetings, mental/behavioral therapy, religious organizations, sponsorship, or recovery statues – such as DHARMA or SMART recovery).
  • Obtain full time work (40 hours), part time work (minimum 20 hours), volunteer, or be enrolled in an educational program.
  • Abstain from use of any substances as well as maintain individual’s sobriety from self-injurious behaviors and process addictions.
  • Speak to peers and staff with respect and integrity and communicate in productive manners that are void of threats or violence.
  • No physical violence, mental or verbal abuse, criminal behavior, or bullying is acceptable.
  • Destruction to the facility’s property will be the financial responsibility of the resident. Depending on the circumstances, the resident may be required to leave the premises permanently.
  • Curfews are as follows: 11 pm – Sunday through Thursday; 12 am Friday and Saturday.
  • Quiet hours can fluctuate based on community preferences. 11 pm is the required quiet time for the evening in these circumstances.
  • Offsite overnights are approved upon consulting with the house manager. Resident must provide outline of destination and intention.
  • House is available for visitors of family and friends from the hours of 12 pm – 8 pm daily. Romantic interests are expected to remain in common spaces without sexual engagement or misconduct. Visitors must abide by all house rules.
  • Residents are expected to take their medications as prescribed. If individual wishes to discontinue their medication, it is only permitted under the approval of their prescribing physician.
  • Medications are to be stored in personal lock boxes.
  • Residents are responsible for purchasing and preparing their own food, meals, and snacks. Labeling of food is encouraged.
  • Residents agree to not use another resident’s food and toiletries.
  • Residents are responsible for their own transportation.
  • Smoking is permitted in outside areas only. Cigarette butts must be disposed of in designated ashtrays.
  • Vaping is permitted in outside areas only.
  • Individuals are to comply with random weekly drug screenings.
  • It is encouraged to not bring any irreplaceable belongings into the house. Individual property is the responsibility of the individual resident. The Willows Sober Living is not liable for any person’s belongings.
  • Stealing is not tolerated.
  • 30 day written documentation of notice if leaving or transitioning out of The Willows Sober Living must be provided to the house manager.

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