a woman taking pills unsure of the myths about drugs

Overcoming the Myths About Drugs and Recovering from Addiction

Mind-altering substances have been around since the early days, and individuals at every age and walk of life may fall prey to the pleasures of intoxication. The substance abuse treatment in North Carolina has found many myths about drugs, including everything from how addictions occur in people to how addiction may come back after treatment. The…

a woman on her bed wondering mental illness statistics

Mental Illness Statistics and Their Relation to Substance Use

Mental illness statistics in the United States show that it is a national problem. People from every region and background struggle with mental health issues. Conditions like anxiety and depression tend to be the most common. A dual diagnosis treatment center in NC can help you overcome your mental health struggles and overcome substance abuse.…

woman asking therapist "what is rehab like" on couch

What Is Rehab Like for Women?

Are you a woman struggling with substance or alcohol abuse and looking to enter rehab? The recovery process may seem impossible, and you may be wondering, “what is rehab like for women?” The Willows at Red Oak Recovery offers a women-only rehab program and addiction treatment center in NC. We created our rehab environment and…