Paying for Rehab in North Carolina

Paying for rehab in North Carolina can be quite costly. Though rehab centers with treatment options like partial hospitalization treatment, outpatient treatment, and similar addiction recovery options can be costly, there are multiple ways to cover rehab admissions in Asheville. Find affordable treatment options for women at The Willows by considering various rehab financing options.…

woman making herself wait by learning how to practice patience with meditation before a presentation

How to Practice Patience in Any Situation to Maintain Sobriety

Part of your North Carolina relapse prevention plan should include learning how to practice patience as well as attending women’s addiction treatment programs and developing coping skills in Asheville. If you struggle with patience, The Willows at Red Oak Recovery can help. Keep in mind that patience is often something people learn rather than having…

woman holding onto her husband dealing with alcohol use disorder needing rehab and overcoming codependency

Overcoming Codependency During Rehab

The struggles with drug and alcohol problems can affect an entire family. People’s lives involve relationships with others, and their problems will directly affect others, too. Sometimes, two or more people can experience the same issues with substance abuse creating codependent addicts. Breaking the cycle involves overcoming codependency, which can be a challenge for everyone.…