a woman drinks coffee as she thinks about tips for relapse prevention

Valuable Tips for Relapse Prevention

The process for substance abuse recovery involves a never-ending journey. Even when you wish to remain sober, lingering aspects of physical and psychological dependency remain. People in recovery find themselves at risk of relapsing. Some people do relapse while others find themselves able to stay clean. Without professional substance abuse treatment, avoiding relapse becomes difficult.…

a woman stares at the city skyline as she thinks about gender and addiction

Gender and Addiction: Important Differences It Helps to Know

Gender and addiction impact each other in many ways that are sometimes subtle. There are major differences in how men and women become addicted to substances and respond to treatment. The reasons for those differences can be biological as well as social and cultural. Contact the Willows at Red Oak Recovery today to learn more…

a woman rests her chin on her hands as she considers personality and alcohol dependence

The Connection Between Personality and Alcohol Dependence

The link between personality and alcohol dependence is a topic that is of interest to many. The most common question surrounding the topic is whether certain personalities are more prone to develop dependency issues than others. You might have wondered whether alcohol influences the person and creates a certain personality or whether they were more…

a woman stares out a window and considers triggers and recovery

Women Should Learn About the Impact of Triggers and Recovery

Emotional triggers and recovery have a relationship; sobriety is more difficult, unless you know about these issues that can prevent you from reaching freedom from substance abuse. They may be certain words or places that can cause patterns for someone to go back to the past where behaviors were troublesome. Your mental health becomes stronger…

a woman thinks about what are life skills as she sits on a couch

What Are Life Skills? They Can Help You Recover

What are life skills? Good mental health involves knowing measures that can prevent relapse and lead to recovery from substance abuse, trauma, or mental health issues. Positive change is possible through a blend of evidence-based practices, somatic interventions, experiential therapy, and holistic approaches that encourage women to unlock their true potential. “Redefining the Clinical Experience”…

a woman sits with her head in her hands and wonders what is trauma

What Is Trauma and How is It Connected to Addiction?

Trauma is one of the most complex and widespread factors influencing addiction. Understanding the answer to the question “What is trauma?” and how it ties to substance abuse can help the recovery process. This treatment can be done with appropriate intervention and care from compassionate, patient counselors. At The Willows at Red Oak, we strive…