pills on the floor of someone who is unsure of opiate vs opioid

Do You Understand the Difference Between Opiate Vs Opioid?

With the drug epidemic constantly in the news, many people may wonder about common terms that frequently appear in the news headlines. While these terms may seem interchangeable, there are actually subtle differences between opiate vs opioid. Unfortunately, both types of drugs share commonalities like being addictive and having harmful side effects. If someone has…

friend trying to convince woman to enter a Xanax addiction treatment program for women

Xanax Addiction Treatment Program

Xanax is a kind of benzodiazepine that people normally take for panic disorders, insomnia, and generalized anxiety disorder. While it is one of the most common psychiatric medications in the country, individuals can also develop a dependency on it. A tolerance can quickly turn into an addiction. When this happens, individuals need help through a…

smiling woman feeling healthy after participating in National Women's Health Week

National Women’s Health Week

Each year, National Women’s Health Week starts on Mother’s Day. This annual event helps to raise awareness about issues surrounding women’s health and mental health. More importantly, it is a reminder to women across the United States about the importance of physical and mental wellbeing. What Is National Women’s Health Week? This year is the…

two therapists discussing the difference between DBT vs CBT

Understand the Difference Between DBT Vs CBT

At mental health and addiction treatment centers, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) are both popular treatment options. Many people wonder what the main differences between DBT vs CBT are. Both of these talk therapies can treat a wide range of mental disorders, so the right choice depends on the client’s unique…