a woman benefits from meditation therapy for addiction

3 Benefits of Meditation for Addiction Recovery

One of the overlooked aspects of addiction recovery is the increased mental health aspects. Meditation therapy is one of the most utilized but least understood tools available. How it works is less important than the fact that it works. At The Willows at Red Oak Recovery, we approach rehabilitation holistically, and meditation has been one…

a woman learns about dual diagnosis treatment

What to Expect During Dual Diagnosis Treatment

A dual diagnosis occurs when both a mental health disorder and substance abuse problem co-occur. People often self-medicate when dealing with mental health issues which then exacerbates the initial complication. The Willows at Red Oak Recovery specializes in dual diagnosis treatment. Our experienced master’s level substance abuse and mental health clinicians can help you tackle…

a woman benefits from womens trauma treatment

Benefits of Working Through Past Traumas

One of the best methods of addressing one’s current situation is to revisit past traumas. Trauma is stored in both the body and the mind. How these physical and psychological ordeals combine to manifest themselves in a person provides workable solutions to ongoing problems. Women’s trauma treatment has made strides in recent years in that…

a woman struggles with painkiller addiction

Signs You Are Addicted to Painkillers

Doctor-prescribed painkillers are an effective tool in treating short-term pain and discomfort associated with many conditions. But when used for more than the recommended time, they can begin to take over the user’s ability to manage pain independently. Becoming dependent on the medication and increasing the dosage as one’s tolerance builds up can lead to…

a woman is able to join in on sober activities

Sober Activities for Memorial Day Weekend

Many recovering alcoholics find themselves dealing with temptation and risk a relapse when it comes to celebrating the holidays. With drinking being such a socially acceptable activity, it works its way into many holidays, most notably Memorial Day Weekend. When people celebrate the start of summer with beer or wine, many long-term recovering alcoholics or…

someone attends rehab for women

Benefits of Rehabilitation for Women

Women are often responsible for caring for the emotional, mental, and physical needs of others. That said, women affected by substance abuse and dependency may ignore their own needs as they focus on the care of others. However, such behavior can prevent necessary healing from taking place. Women should never overlook the benefits of rehabilitation…

a woman wonders if marijuana is a gateway drug

What Is the Definition of a Gateway Drug?

The definition of a gateway drug doesn’t change. However, the substances that experts consider to be gateway drugs are up for debate. Most importantly, though, people need to understand the definition. Understanding the term “gateway drug” can help them make up their own minds about which substances fall in that category. A gateway drug could…

a woman is able to demonstrate coping skills for addiction

3 Ways to Develop Effective Coping Skills

Drug and alcohol addiction causes damage to many aspects of life. It creates turmoil in relationships and makes it hard to do things once loved. That’s why it is so important to develop coping skills for addiction or strategies to help you deal with the low points in the recovery process. Coping skills for women…

woman thinking what is a relapse prevention plan

What Is a Relapse Prevention Plan?

Relapse is sometimes a part of the recovery process from drug and alcohol addiction. However, the goal of any treatment center is to prevent that from occurring. One way to do that is to create a comprehensive and customized relapse prevention plan for each person in treatment. The use of relapse prevention strategies like this…

a woman is happy to have mental health awareness

Importance of Mental Health Awareness Month

Each May, those that struggle with mental health issues and their loved ones hope to bring awareness to mental health during Mental Health Awareness Month. Whether they have just finished at a dual diagnosis treatment center or are years post-recovery, mental health awareness becomes a critical mission for many that have dealt with mental health…