a girl hugs a dog while gaining animal therapy benefits

The Benefits of Animal Therapy

Interacting with animals comes with several benefits for humans. Studies have demonstrated that animals reduce the body’s stress response, leading to reduced blood pressure and anxiety. Conventional therapy combined with an animal assisted therapy program, is very effective in substance abuse treatment. The animal therapy benefits include improving mindfulness, greater self-confidence and a stronger bond between…

woman wonders about National PTSD Awareness Day 2019

National PTSD Awareness Day

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a prevalent mental disorder. Through National PTSD Awareness Day, advocates work to raise awareness about this issue. While many people think that primarily veterans experience PTSD, there are actually countless victims of trauma, violence, and crime who also suffer from the disorder. What Is National PTSD Awareness Day? National PTSD…

pills on the floor of someone who is unsure of opiate vs opioid

Do You Understand the Difference Between Opiate Vs Opioid?

With the drug epidemic constantly in the news, many people may wonder about common terms that frequently appear in the news headlines. While these terms may seem interchangeable, there are actually subtle differences between opiate vs opioid. Unfortunately, both types of drugs share commonalities like being addictive and having harmful side effects. If someone has…