Woman Attending Women's Addiction Treatment Program

Could You Benefit from Gender-Specific Treatment?

Are you familiar with the term “gender-specific treatment?” It’s a term you may hear mentioned often in the recovery world. Generally, it describes drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs that treat men and women separately. Treatment that is non-gender-specific clumps all clients together, regardless of sex. As a result, the treatment provided must encompass broader…

women discuss trauma informed care

Do I Need Trauma-Informed Care?

Although they produce severe short and long-term emotional pain and mental distress, reactions to trauma are normal. Fear, paranoia, anger, isolation, anxiety, and depression are ways of dealing with a traumatic event. However, the healing process can take years. In some cases, the person who experienced the trauma never heals from it. Unfortunately, many of…

woman wonders how world events are impacting her addiction

How Do World Events Impact Addiction

There is no shortage of world events that can potentially lead to trauma. Wars, natural disasters, political upheavals, crashing economies, poverty, and pandemics can trigger various mental health issues that range from anxiety and depression to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). How do these catastrophic events impact addiction? More importantly, how do those affected by world…