woman on couch struggling with co-occurring issues

Common Co-Occurring Issues Women Face

If you’re a woman dealing with drug or alcohol dependency, and you also have a behavior disorder, you have a dual diagnosis. Co-occurring issues are not uncommon, but it can complicate the treatment process. To provide you the best results, you need to find an effective co-occurring disorder treatment that addresses both of your conditions…

mother and daughter discussing the best addiction treatment center

3 Things to Look for in an Addiction Treatment Center

If you or a loved one is facing drug or alcohol addiction, you know how terrible the damage it can cause. Thankfully, there are many addiction treatment centers dedicated to helping you start your journey on the road to recovery. But many addiction treatment centers specialize in specific types of treatment. There are critical factors…

woman spending time outside for relapse prevention

How to Create a Relapse Prevention Plan

Lasting recovery is a lifetime process. Even after receiving treatment, full sobriety is never guaranteed, as relapse triggers can arise when least expected. So, there are measures you can take to prevent these cravings from recurring. Prepare yourself with a full relapse prevention plan to avoid situations that can trigger your relapse. A prevention plan…

woman in bed showing signs of depression

What Are Some Signs of Depression You Should Take Seriously?

Depression is one of America’s most widespread disorders today, with millions of people suffering from this condition. Unfortunately, its rates seem to be on the rise, with signs of depression increasing dangerously among children and teenagers. Depression can have significant societal consequences, causing billions of dollars in lost productivity in the United States each year.…

woman learning about the common triggers in addiction

Identify and Treat Your Common Triggers In Addiction

There is a lot of misunderstanding surrounding drug and alcohol addiction. Many people believe that addicts choose to abuse substances as a part of their lifestyles. Others believe that it’s easy to quit drinking or using drugs. Furthermore, some think that addicts start to abuse alcohol and drugs to escape their daily lives, deal with…