ladies participating in womens rehabSubstance abuse can affect men and women in dramatically different ways. As a result of these differences, women facing dependence have unique needs when it comes to the treatment process. Searching for a quality womens rehab can ensure that these individual needs receive proper attention. The material below will help you find the right kind of rehab center that is equipped to handle the needs of women entering into drug abuse treatment.

What is a Substance Use Disorder?

Before we talk about treatment options, we should also define a substance use disorder properly. A substance use disorder is a condition in which a person is using addictive substances in ways that negatively impact their health, relationships, and overall life. Continual abuse of addictive substances can lead to a physical dependence on them. A physical dependence, in turn, can lead to a more severe substance abuse problem.

Meeting the Unique Needs of Women in the Rehab Setting

A quality womens rehab must be well versed in handling the specific needs that females in treatment often face. The following list talks about some of the ways the treatment needs of women may differ from those of men:

  • Role of relationships– Research shows that women may be much more likely to find themselves in codependent relationships. This means that their partner also abuses addictive substances or acts as an enabler for their problems. These situations require different interventions.
  • Role of past traumatic events– Women are also much more likely to become the victim of various types of trauma. This trauma can include events such as physical, emotional, or sexual abuse. Again, situations involving trauma require innovative treatment protocols.
  • Differences in physical nature– Women are very different in the way that they break down specific addictive compounds in their bodies. For example, women are often much smaller in size than men. As a result, their bodies may process addictive substances in ways that create stronger, faster, and more severe reactions.
  • Differences in family roles– Women play a vital nurturing role in the family and community overall. For example, women often put the needs of others first. This tendency may prevent many women from seeking the help they need promptly.
  • Specific health concerns– Women also have very different nutritional needs and health concerns. When treatment is in a holistic environment, many women express the need for their specific long and short-term health concerns to receive attention.

Attributes of a High-Quality Womens Rehab

Finding a womens rehab that suits the needs of your family doesn’t have to be complicated. A skilled women’s recovery center can address all of the unique concerns mentioned above. It might be worth your time to write down the most important concerns and questions you have regarding the treatment process. As your family meets with various clinics and treatment centers, you can make sure that these vital matters receive proper attention.

As a family, you may decide to settle on a rehab center that allows your loved ones to be an active part of your treatment. Additionally, you may find much comfort in a holistic approach and amenities designed to make treatment more accessible.

About The Willows

The Willows is a womens rehab facility specializing in the unique treatment needs that females face. Here, women can receive intensive substance abuse treatment in a compassionate, sympathetic, and female-only setting.

Don’t allow your dependence to keep you from fulfilling your future dreams and goals. If you have the correct tools, you can win against substance abuse. Call 855-773-0614 to discover how the womens rehab at The Willows can get you on the right path to a bright tomorrow.